Health Index

Health Index measures health inside the company!
Mapping the health status. Health Index includes 9 key indicators that present an overall picture of the health and well-being of the organisation's employees.

Foreign background indicator

Map out the level of diversity in your organisation.
Foreign background indicator provides an overview of the level of "diversity" in your organisation. Diversity includes many different factors which is why we have decided to name our index "Foreign background indicator" to clarify the elements we can measure using employee financial data and indicators. Foreign background indicators show what the personnel structure and equal treatment situation looks like in your company/organisation.

Gender Equality Index JÄMIX®

Reveal the level of gender equality in your organisation
Nyckeltalinstitutet's Gender Equality Index JÄMIX shows the level of gender equality in your organisation. JÄMIX was developed in collaboration with JÄMO (the Swedish Equality Ombudsman) and the performance indicators illustrate important elements of equality. Using our Gender Equality Index JÄMIX, we help you process and report on 20 key gender equality indicators. Nine of the indicators are compiled into an index.

Attractive Employer Index (AVI)®

Reveal the working conditions in your organisation
describes the working conditions in your organisation - from the employees' perspective. Our starting premise is that favourable working conditions lead to job satisfaction and employee effectiveness. Additionally, they increase the organisations ability to attract new employees.