Labora Konsultforum AB

Labora is made up of a group of researchers, authors and consultants – Bino Catasús, Olle Högberg and Anders Johrén.
All of them are experts in the field of HR economics.

They participate in international collaboration projects and have written several books on the topic, including “Boken om Nyckeltal” (The Book of Key Performance Indicators) and “Boken om personalekonomi” (The book of HR economics).

Civilekonomerna -owner NyckeltalsinstitutetCivilekonomerna

A union and interest organization for professionals and students in business and economics in Sweden. (‘Civilekonom’ is a term used to describe a Graduate in Business Administration and Economics). Civilekonomerna currently has approximately 42 000 members.


Wisegroup - owner NyckeltalsinsitutetWise Group AB

Wise Group AB is a corporation which owns, starts and develops companies specializing in recruitment, consultancy and other services within Human Resources. Their subsidiaries offer a complete portfolio of services for operational and strategic HR.
Wise provides services including recruitment, temporary staffing, outplacement, career coaching, HR courses and access to HR networks, as well as a wide range of web-based HR tools.